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Tempeh “BLT” at Macy’s (Flagstaff, AZ)

Vegan “TLT” Tempeh Lettuce Tomato from True Foods Kitchen, Phoenix, AZ.


Richard L. Hittleman writes in his book titled: YOGA: The 8 Steps to Health and Peace, ” Beginning Yoga students should undertake a fresh fruit juice fast for one or two days each week. This is done to initiate a cleansing process and to experience the lightness and serenity that results when the digestive system is allowed to remain at relative rest for a short period.”

"Advanced students often undertake a complete fast in which only water is taken for several consecutive days. We highly recomend a moderate fasting program to every serious Yoga student.”

Hittleman, Richard. YOGA: The 8 Steps to Health and Peace. Deerfeild Communications, 1975. New York. Print.

The idea behind starting a juice fast is not: “lose 10lbs in one week!” The benefit comes from giving the body rest days and rebalancing the system. If weightloss occurs, perhaps you accept this as a an additional benefit, but it should not be a goal one wishes to achieve from a juice or water fast.

From personal experiences, fasting also creates a hightened sensitivity and appreciation for natural flavors. After a day or two of fasting I find myself to have a pleasently hightened taste for natural sweetness in fruits and vegetables. Also as a result foods which are highly processed (especially for me over-salted foods) may taste less appealing.

So today marks the start of a new experiment with fresh juice fasting. I have chosen two days of the week to consume only fresh juiced fruits and vegetables and I will post my recipes and personal responses accordingly.

Remember: a fresh juice fast does not mean grape juice from concetrate. Nor any other bottled product no matter how “natural” or “preservative free” it bosts itself to be. Fresh juiced fruit must be drank immidiately after juicing to obtain its full nutritional values and benefits.

So to start off, this morning juice consisted of:

-1 Large Ruby Red Grapefruit

-1 Medium Valencia Orange

-1 Small clementine

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Vegan or not…

Asker Anonymous Asks:
do you have any smoothie ideas for getting rid of a cold?
ofniceandzen ofniceandzen Said:

Oh the season for colds! Well, before we talk smoothies, have you ever heard of Apple Cider Vinegar? Lately I have discovered more and more folks who drink this when they feel they are coming down with a cold! And I thought I was the only one! Great for detoxing and cleaning out the system. I usually mix 1 Tablespoon with some ice water and lemon but I’m thinking you could probably add this magical stuff to your smoothies as well. The taste can be a bit strong if you are not used to it which is why I find strong flavors like lemon mask it well.

Cayenne Pepper can also used to help a cold but I’m not sure the best way to incorporate it into a smoothie…perhaps mixed with strawberries/cacao or chocolate for a spicy chocolate shake! Good luck and feel better! Again, sorry for a late answer!